Issue 4: May 2016
Advancements at Marcum

Marcum Technology Announces Strategic Partnership with ServiceNow

Marcum Technology is proud to announce its partnership with ServiceNow. ServiceNow automates enterprise IT operations, creating a single system of record for all IT processes within an organization. This system brings together IT strategy, design, transition and operation on a powerfully simple cloud platform.

ServiceNow offers a variety of products that improve workflow efficiency across multiple departments. Its service management solutions address all the service domains of modern enterprises including IT, human resources, facilities, and finance.

Beyond Help Desk and Service Management processes, ServiceNow is built to be a productivity tool for all types of business users - the CIO, service desk staff, application developers, IT finance, IT operations and business leads.

ServiceNow applications are built on a single platform-as-a-service which offers a consistent and intuitive user experience through the entire IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service lifecycle.

Some of ServiceNow's products include:

  • Service Management: Improve workflow efficiency across departments.
  • IT Operations Management: Prevent service outages and maximize operational agility.
  • Business Management: Focus IT resources on strategic business goals.
  • Application Development: Rapidly build and deploy cloud-native apps.

ServiceNow specialties encompasses Service Management, Enterprise Cloud, Custom App Development, as well as Platform.

To learn more about this partnership and how it can benefit your organization please contact:

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