Issue 8: September 2016
Advancements at Marcum

Marcum Technology Announces Strategic Partnership with Tempered Networks

Marcum Technology is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Tempered Networks. Tempered Networks is a pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), which enables customers to easily build cloaked and encrypted networks, instantly. The company's technology was originally designed for a Fortune 50 aerospace and defense company and has been in production for well over 10 years, but recently commercialized for the broader market.

The company's solution is differentiated over traditional networking and security products (e.g. SSL VPNs, VLANs, firewalls, IPsec, etc.) and squarely addresses the key vulnerability of TCP/IP using the HIP (Host Identity Protocol). These traditional products are based on spoofable TCP/IP.

Tempered's Identity Defined Network (IDN) is the only scalable, multi-use solution that creates a common secure networking architecture able to span and adapt for any resource anywhere. The simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and secure design of the IDN architecture enables IT to easily scale operations and reduce costs through efficient use of existing infrastructure. It requires little to no modifications and dramatically reduces the network attack surface.

The solution has an intuitive user interface and can be managed by staff without advanced IT skills.

Solution Highlights:

  • Cuts OpEX as much as 80% using its powerful orchestration engine
  • Increases IT agility with 3-click network design
  • Minimizes available attack surface
  • Overcomes scalability limits of personnel and hardware
  • A RESTful API allows for integration and automation with other networking and security tools

A Comprehensive and Unified Platform.

Tempered Networks' IDN architecture incorporates a fully encrypted fabric that is orchestrated through an intuitive, visually-driven management and a scalable orchestration engine. Unlike traditional IP networking and SDN approaches, this solution requires few, if any, changes to the underlying network, significantly reducing complexity, cost and labor, while optimizing organizational responsiveness.

The Conductor with its SimpleConnect™ API enables effortless and automated orchestration. The Conductor's intuitive user interface dramatically simplifies the coordination and configuration of security policies, explicit trust relationships, and monitoring and analytics of your Tempered Networks deployment.

The secure IDN fabric is based on Tempered Networks' core HIP services (HIPservers, HIPswitches, HIPapps, etc.) technology that allows you to create secure identity-defined overlay (IDO) networks. This unique solution uses a Default: Deny model. Any endpoint placed (whitelisted) within the IDO is only visible and accessible by other explicitly whitelisted systems or endpoints. Effortless orchestration enables micro-segmentation of up to tens-of thousands of endpoints down to the device or workload level.

Tempered Networks' platform is protocol and topology agnostic, so customers can achieve secure connectivity over any shared network infrastructure (e.g. wired, cellular and Wi-Fi), with a variety of built-in and optional features to suit a broad range of requirements and environments.

Tempered Networks Solution Provides:

  • Solutions across virtual, cloud, physical appliances, clients, servers and embedded environments
  • Integrated cellular modem provides secure cellular connectivity for distributed infrastructure, regardless of geographical location
  • Support for 2G/3G/4G/LTE networks and a variety of carriers with automatic failover between wired and cellular
  • Serial-to-IP encapsulation
  • MAC address lockdown enhances security posture by blocking traffic from untrusted (non-whitelisted) devices
  • End to end AES-256 encryption

About Tempered Networks
Tempered Networks is the pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), unifying networking and security with a simplified approach that removes the constraints of IP networking. Our elastic and fully encrypted IDN fabric protects every connected resource with a unique crypto identity, instead of a spoofable IP address, enabling you to cloak any IP or serial-enabled endpoint, machine or network--with no IP modifications. For the first time, any network and connected resource can be orchestrated, cloaked, and encrypted from the start. Device-based trust is flexible and portable and extends from any external and public cloud network to internal network hosts and clients. Any IP resource can now be instantly provisioned, moved, or revoked, making your network as adaptable as software, more secure, and simpler to manage.

To learn more about this partnership and how it can benefit your organization please contact:

Mike Lappin
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
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