Issue 2: March 2016
Vendor Partner Spotlight

Today's IT Environments are dynamic. You have options when it comes to where and how you procure IT services. You're in the era of the hybrid cloud, which is characterized by a mix of private and public cloud services.

  • 74% of enterprise-level businesses surveyed said they have a hybrid cloud strategy. Most already use both private and public cloud infrastructures.
  • 78% of cloud users surveyed said that it is critical or extremely important to manage data across multiple clouds.
  • 52% of Amazon Web Services users said in a separate survey that they’d already moved some of their AWS asses in-house, or to another cloud provider.
  • Only 29% of cloud users rate their ability to move data across multiple clouds as good or excellent.

Data Fabric optimizes today's workloads, while preparing for your hybrid cloud future.

With a common set of data services delivered through a software-defined approach, the data fabric provides: Consistent data management, efficient data transport, and the visibility to leverage the right IT recourses, when and where you need them.

As a proud partner of NetApp, we are able to offer this new solution to our clients. To find out more about how NetApp's New Data Fabric can improve your organization please contact us today.

Joe Giella
Vice President Data Protection Strategy
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