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Gigamon Releases GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform

Gigamon's Security Delivery Platform is changing how enterprises, service providers and governments view security by making existing and planned security infrastructures more effective at identifying and mitigating threats inside networks.

Seeing the network as the new frontline in the early identification of cyber-attacks, Gigamon believes that the way forward is a security architecture that is multi-layered, optimized for identifying breaches quickly, and built on a robust platform for pervasive network visibility.

Gigamon’s new platform, GigaSECURE, provides security teams with the ability to eliminate blind spots while also providing their security tools with the information they need. This results in faster time to detection and response.

The new GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform from Gigamon connects into the network, both physical and virtual, and can be configured to deliver traffic to all of the applications that require it.

Security appliances simply connect into the GigaSECURE platform to receive a high-fidelity stream of relevant traffic from across the network infrastructure.

Components of the Platform

The Security Delivery Platform is comprised of GigaVUE® Fabric Nodes, GigaVUE-OS™ software with patented Flow Mapping technology, traffic intelligence functions powered by GigaSMART and a centralized fabric controller (GigaVUE-FM), which when implemented together provide an ideal platform for security delivery.

Some of the Features & Benefits of the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform

Network-Wide Reach: These nodes, through the power of Flow Mapping technology, provide sophisticated aggregation, filtering, and replication capabilities at a cost-effective price point, enabling a deployment model where traffic from across the infrastructure can be channeled back to selective security appliances. The combination of the GigaVUE-VM and the GigaVUE TA Series enables visibility into east-west traffic and visibility across the internal campus and data center networks.

NetFlow (IPFIX) and Metadata Generation: The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform centralizes the function of generating these flow records so that this can be done consistently across heterogeneous and disparate infrastructure. The flow records can be served up to a variety of security solutions that analyze flow metadata.

Application Session Filtering: This powerful capability allows precise control of what types of traffic data are sent to security tools based on L4-L7 and more sophisticated content matching. This ensures that security solutions are focused on working off the network traffic that is most relevant to them, while simultaneously offloading those appliances from having to process large volumes of irrelevant data.

SSL Decryption: As the volume of malware that leverages encrypted communication channels increases, the need to peek into those encrypted channels of communication increases also. Decrypting those encrypted channels of communication is best done within the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform so that this is done once, at very high performance. This process eliminates this blind spot simultaneously for multiple security appliances that do not have the ability to deal with encrypted communications. For those security appliances that do have the ability to do this, it offloads a computationally intensive task from being done repetitively in each such security appliance. 

Inline protection and load balancing: The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform provides a common platform to serve traffic feeds for both inline and out-of-band security deployments connected to the platform simultaneously. GigaSECURE provides the ability to load balance traffic across multiple inline security solutions, as well as to daisy chain different inline security appliances, so that each layer of protection follows the previous one.

Key Points

The GigaSECURE platform extracts flow-based meta-data from network traffic, which can be routed to various security tools for analysis.

With a Gigamon Security Delivery Platform in place, organizations can eliminate security tool contention for network traffic and give to each security application precisely the traffic it requires.

The GigaSECURE platform can also be used to conduct trials and evaluate new security applications without incurring the risks and disruption that is typically associated with such activities.

Information for this blog was found on the Gigamon website.

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Carbon Black and IBM Security Partner to Enable Businesses to Protect Against and Respond Faster to Cyber Attacks

Carbon Black and IBM Security announced a partnership that would provide businesses with a more streamlined and simplified way to protect against, accurately respond to, and manage cyber-attacks.

This will be the first integration of a Next-Generation Endpoint Security solution into IBM's suite of security products and solutions.

It features two major types of innovation:

  • IBM's newly-announced X-Force Incident Response Services will use Carbon Black® Enterprise Response, the leading Next-Generation Endpoint Security solution, as its core product. This new service will be available from IBM.
  • The integration of IBM's QRadar and BigFix security products, for security intelligence and endpoint management, with Carbon Black's enterprise protection and response products for deployment in customer security operations. This integration will be available from IBM.

This partnership features the following key integrations of IBM services and solutions with Carbon Black products.

IBM Services

Continuous Monitoring and Threat Response - Fully managed by IBM Security Services, the service will leverage Carbon Black Enterprise Response to achieve continuous, real-time monitoring of enterprise endpoints (laptops, desktops and servers) for signs of malicious activity. Using this and other data, IBM's analysts can expand visibility into an organization’s endpoint threats such as advanced malware that bypass traditional endpoint protection solutions, enabling faster time to containment.

Technology Integrations

QRadar integration - The Carbon Black App for IBM QRadar provides a turnkey solution for integrating Carbon Black's products with IBM security intelligence technology to provide organizations with a single pane of glass to more quickly detect and respond to security alerts.

BigFix integration - This planned integration will seamlessly integrate prioritized patching, compliance, operations, and endpoint detection and response. Through this solution, analysts will be able to leverage BigFix and Carbon Black to disrupt attacker behavior using a closed-loop endpoint security and management system to detect and respond to attacks in progress and then quickly close exploited vulnerabilities by applying targeted patches across all endpoints in minutes.

Information for this blog was found on the Carbon Black website.

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NetApp Completes Acquisition of SolidFire

NetApp has acquired SolidFire, a company that combines the performance and economics of all-flash storage with a webscale architecture. This product radically simplifies data center operations and enables rapid deployments of new applications.

From this acquisition, NetApp customers will now have access to SolidFire's all-flash portfolio to meet their needs for speed, scale and data services.

SolidFire products over time will be incorporated into NetApp’s Data Fabric strategy. Where they to, will deliver seamless data management across flash, disk and cloud resources.

Learn More About the SolidFire All-Flash Array

Now IT services can be delivered faster and with greater responsiveness than traditional architectures.

Your data center, as a result is transformed to meet your changing business demands. The SolidFire all-flash platform supplies flexible, independent scaling of both capacity and performance so you can guarantee performance to every application.

Scale-out without limitations. Accelerate IT service delivery with a building-block approach to delivering capacity and performance on demand.

Mix and match nodes. Add or remove any SolidFire node from production clusters without downtime to make new performance and capacity resources instantly available to all volumes.

Automate data rebalancing. Eliminate the need for rebalancing, restriping, or volume reallocation as you grow your cluster by redistributing data in the background across all nodes in the cluster.

Key Points

  • Guarantee performance to thousands of applications on one shared storage system
  • Expand storage clusters by just adding new nodes—no controller upgrades.
  • Reduce storage administrative time by 12x.
  • Avoid up to 93% of traditional performance-related storage problems.
  • Instantly increase the capacity and performance of the system.

Information for this blog was found on the NetApp website.

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