Issue 10: December 2016
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Hyper-Convergence    Cloud Solutions


During the past few years, improvements in server virtualization (VMWare, UCS), network function virtualization (NFV), software defined networking (SDN), storage (virtualization, high availability), and high speed data-center networking between interdependent systems have all matured.

This has enabled vendors to think far outside the box and structure cross-vendor-solutions such as Cisco and NetApp's FlexPod in different flavors that can accommodate the needs of Small, Medium and Large Enterprise organizations.

Adding-in Microsoft's Azure services for hosting of Share-able Virtualized Server Farms across Microsoft's Zones for resiliency and scalability enables both a centralized yet dynamically scalable solution framework leveraging the best of both worlds (private or co-located data center systems and cloud based scalability and virtualization).

Learn more about Microsoft's Azure Services

The results are:

  • The ability to reduce both time and costs associated with building and maintaining servers and storage, power and HVAC [an added perk tied to helping organizations achieve carbon footprint reduction goals].
  • Enable companies to dynamically expand or contract their infrastructure to accommodate changes in applications and workloads literally in minutes, all while adhering to predefined regulatory, retention, business continuity and disaster recovery requirements.

Value of Marcum Technology

Our Marcum Technology team have the credentials and experience across top-Gartner-Quadrant products to design best-in-class vendor-agnostic solutions. There are several designs that can be applied to any one customer need; no single vendor solution fits all. The mistake that often causes customers pain is when a solution is designed based on product technical capabilities rather than the business requirements. Having both a broad suite of multiple vendor solutions and proven ability and experience to translate the business need to a technical requirement that leverages the right mix of products, cost, capacity, growth and support-ability is what differentiates Marcum Technology.


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Cloud Solutions

"Cloud" as a topic can be broad and confusing, often overwhelming. Cloud (in its simplest form) encompasses:

Servers, Storage and Communications Virtualization

  • Hosting and/or Co-Location
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Private & Hybrid Solutions
  • Geographic Diversity
  • Security and Transparency
  • Centralization and Simplification of Data Centers


  • Global 4G/LTE/5G & Related Mobile Device Management and Collaboration Federation
  • Access to Company's Ecosystem of applications, communications and security

Next Generation WAN Connectivity

  • Metro Area Networks (from 10Mbps to 1Gbps)
  • Campus Networks (1Gbps, 100Mbps Ethernet)
  • 1-10Gbps MPLS
  • 100Mbps Ethernet Regionally into broader MPLS Networks
  • Cisco iWAN (tying best of Next Gen WAN and IaaS/Encrypted designs)

Value of Marcum Technology

An integral part of any cloud solution is the external network fabric. Marcum Technology's Telecommunications, Carrier and Cloud Services team have both the global relationships and the experience to Discover, Assess, Design, Deploy and Support flexible network solutions that yield immediate Returns on Investment [in savings] while achieving short and long term capacity and performance goals.

Marcum Technology's Engineering teams have the credentials and experience to design best in class Virtualization of Servers, Systems, Storage, Networking, Security and Communications solutions that leverage the flexibility of the Cloud Ecosystems.

For more information please contact:

Kenneth Kane
Senior Vice President