Issue 14: May 2017
Trending in Technology

ONTAP Cloud: Extending Enterprise Storage to the Cloud and Securing HTTP/HTTPS Traffic for Azure/AWS

With NetApp ONTAP Cloud Customers get enterprise data management that enhances service levels, saves time for IT & reduces storage and management costs.

  • Move & manage data seamlessly between on-premises & AWS & Azure.
  • Get the same data management and data protection for the cloud as you have on premises.
  • Get a single pane of glass of all your on-premises and cloud working environments, and the replication relationships between them.
  • ONTAP Cloud high availability allows you to maintain continuous and non-disruptive operations in unplanned outages.

Full Features of CDot such as:

  • Capacity On Demand.
  • Application consistency.
  • Encryption.

Removing Barriers to Your Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud can be a complex process. While the cloud can simplify your IT and make it easier to scale your business, moving sensitive business data to the cloud carries new security risks. In addition, you still need to secure your on-premises infrastructure.

Barracuda's new "Cloud Ready" initiative is intended to eliminate obstacles and help you move to the cloud faster, more cost-effectively, and with greater confidence.

This initiative lets you secure your on-premises deployments, and automatically extend the same protection to your cloud deployments as you roll them out.

Barracuda Cloud Security Leadership

Barracuda cloud solutions deliver:
  • Innovative Security: Built for the cloud, they provide advanced capabilities that extend seamlessly across today's complex, hybrid environments.
  • Simplified Management: Single-pane-of-glass management across on-premises and cloud deployments lets you minimize IT resource use.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: As the only vendor to offer security solutions directly via AWS, Azure, and Google Public Cloud, we make it easy for customers to leverage multiple cloud environments with consistent, integrated security.

For more information please contact:

Kenneth Kane
Senior Vice President