Issue 4: May 2016
Vendor Partner Spotlight

Carbon Black

Stop Ransomware Before it Starts

Every year, CryptoLocker and its variants, collectively known as ransomware, target new verticals and find fresh victims. Ransomware makes itself known by presenting users with a message indicating that their critical files have been encrypted and offering to decrypt the files for a fee.

The best way to stop malware like Locky, TorrentLocker, and other ransomware variants is to implement a security system that continuously, centrally records all endpoint activity and stops untrusted code from executing on endpoints.

Download the Carbon Black Ransomware Threat Advisor to find out how Carbon Black Enterprise Protection mitigates targeted attacks such as Ransomware.

Carbon Black Enterprise Protection

Cb Enterprise Protection is the only next-generation endpoint threat prevention solution to deliver protection policies, real-time visibility, and comprehensive compliance rule sets in a single platform.

With its positive policy based approach, only known and trusted software is allowed to run in your environment. When something unknown and potentially malicious is detected you get a notification in real time so that you can respond immediately.

Read the Carbon Black Enterprise Protection Data Sheet to read more about the solution.

Core Benefits

  • Multiple prevention options
  • Most effective desktop application control
  • Complete visibility
  • Powerful automation capabilities
  • Total platform coverage
  • Comprehensive compliance controls, PCI, HIPAA, etc.
  • United defense


  • Lightweight agent
  • Minimal memory use
  • Complete tamper protection
  • Centralized management and storage
  • Horizontal scaling with support for up to 250,000 agents per server
  • Open APIs for rich data export and feature integration


  • Application control
  • Whitelisting
  • Data center security
  • Legacy system security
  • Security automation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • IT audit & risk controls
  • Point-of-Sale systems

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