Issue 8: September 2016
Vendor Partner Spotlight

Proofpoint Threat Protection for Microsoft Office 365

Proofpoint extends Office 365’s secure data centers with a variety of its industry-leading suite of products such as Proofpoint Enterprise Protection, Targeted Attack Protection and Email Continuity.

Advanced Threat Protection

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection provides exhaustive protection against zero-day and polymorphic threats attempting to penetrate your perimeter through email. Microsoft ensures that its datacenters are kept secure, and Proofpoint ensures that the data flowing through the service and into your environment is kept free of breach-causing sophisticated malware that often goes undetected.

It extends Office 365 with:

  • URL re-writing
  • Static and dynamic analysis for URLs and attachments
  • Granular visibility into who clicked what, and where the click happened

Email Continuity

Proofpoint Enterprise Continuity ensures around-the-clock availability of email flowing into your Office 365 environment. In the event of any sort of outage—be it on Microsoft's side or an authentication issue on yours—email can be readily accessed directly within Microsoft Outlook.

It extends Office 365 with:

  • 30-day rolling inbox
  • Always-on email continuity
  • Automated system restoration flushes messages back into Office 365 upon recovery
  • Simple Outlook integration

Granular Administrative Control

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection provides a rich set of policy options to enable fine-tuning of routing, handling and security rules. From administrator-level customization of policies based on users, groups, or domains to end-user self-service to adjust receiving preferences, Proofpoint enables security and flexibility.

It extends Office 365 with:

  • SmartSearch technology enables rapid message tracing and tracking for remediation
  • Administrator filter customization ensures that all filter policies can be customized at a global, group, or user level—with full integration with Office 365's directory services
  • Powerful message routing built on top of the commercial version of Sendmail, the world's most widely used MTA

Proofpoint Provides Complete Protection for your Office 365 Deployment

  • Provides complete protection against advanced threats with URL Defense Service and Attachment Defense Service
  • Ensures around-the-clock availability of mission critical email with Enterprise Continuity
  • Ensures complete control and visibility into message flow

The Proofpoint Security and Compliance Suite helps organizations to:

  • Accelerate adoption of Office 365
  • Stop phishing attacks
  • Comply with global regulations

These solutions also provide the additional layer of advanced threat protection, compliance and eDiscovery functionality needed to enable organizations of all sizes to take full advantage of the benefits of Office 365.

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