Issue 13: April 2017
Vendor Partner Spotlight

Marcum Technology is excited to present Zerto as one of our newest partners.

Zerto is a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery software that is built for virtualized workloads, making them 100% storage and hypervisor agnostic.

Their solution enables businesses to replicate to a second data center, the cloud or both with their one-to-many replication capabilities - with no snapshots or agents. Zerto's award winning solution provides enterprises with continuous data replication & recovery designed specifically for virtualized infrastructure and the cloud.

Zerto Virtual Replication is the industry's first hypervisor-based replication solution for tier-one applications, replacing traditional array-based BC/DR solutions that were not built to deal with the virtual paradigm. Zerto's replication is considered "near-sync" as they replicate continuously at the block level delivering RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes, meeting the needs of enterprise-class applications.

To find out more about Zerto, please visit their website at

For more information please contact:

Mike Lappin
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
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