Issue 10: December 2016
Vendor Partner Spotlight

TrapX Security

DeceptionGrid™ automates the deployment of a network of camouflaged traps that are intermingled with your real information technology resources. DeceptionTokens expands our vision to virtually blanket the enterprise in an array of lures within existing IT endpoints and servers.

This combined and powerful array of lures reduce the time to breach detection, authoritatively identifies attackers within your networks and enables the security operations center teams to aggressively defend your enterprise.

DeceptionGrid Core Components

DeceptionTokens in IT Endpoints and Servers
An additional layer of DeceptionTokens are embedded into all of your real IT resources using automation such as GPO. This now enables us to capture an attacker lurking in one particular endpoint for a sustained period of time. Once they take the lure we identify the endpoint and deliver to your SOC team an automated memory analysis for that device.

Sandbox Analysis
Real-time automation isolates detected malware and places it within a sandbox server. DeceptionGrid forensics completes both a static and dynamic analysis and delivers a comprehensive assessment to your SOC team.

Integrated Event Management and Threat Intelligence
Information from this automated analysis is pulled into the management system, tagged with a unique ID, and then stored within the integrated event management database. The business intelligence engine combines this with threat intelligence data to prevent future attacks.

Advanced Detection
Command and Control (C&C) detectors monitor outbound activity on real hosts based upon information about malicious activity spotted within decoy systems.

Deploy in the Cloud or On-Premise

DeceptionGrid is designed to deploy rapidly to support the requirements of the largest enterprise. Our automation enables your IT team to complete full deployment in typically just a few hours.

Key Benefits

Defense Targeted for the New Breed of Attacker
Our innovative deception based cyber security defense finds sophisticated attackers already within your network that your existing vendors do not detect.

Protection for Medical Devices, Banking ATM's, Point of Sale Devices IOT Devices and more
Our agent-less deception token technology allows the placement of these lures within complex turnkey systems, such as medical devices, ATM machines and point of sale terminals. Now we can blanket almost all of the devices within a hospital or bank network with deep deployment of deception capabilities to confuse and identify attackers before they can steal data and damage the network.

Compatible With Your Existing Investment
Deception technology can integrate with your existing operations and defense in depth vendor suites and partners.

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