Issue 6: July 2016
Vendor Spotlight

A10 Networks Thunder TPS (Threat Protection System)

Designed to provide high-performance, network-wide protection against a variety of volumetric, protocol, resource and other sophisticated DDoS attacks.

The Thunder TPS product line is a family of high-performance appliances that detect and mitigate multi-vector DDoS attacks at the network edge, functioning as a first line of defense for your network infrastructure.

The Thunder TPS product line is built upon A10 Networks Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) platform, which delivers high performance and leverages a shared memory architecture to provide efficient tracking of network flows, as well as accurate DDoS protection enforcement for service providers, website operators and enterprises.

A10 Thunder TPS provides many features to detect and mitigate multivector DDoS attacks with unprecedented performance scalability and deployment flexibility.


  • Multi-vector DDoS attack protection: Protect against simultaneous attacks vectors from L3-L7.
  • Scalability: Stand ready to protect the largest networks against the largest attacks.
  • Easy network integration: Deploy in any topology and integrate with third-party security solutions.
  • Traffic baselining: Learn traffic patterns to identify and act on anomalies.
  • Programmatic policy engine: Fully customize granular protection policies.
  • Granular traffic control: Protect your services by limiting access rates against malicious surges.
  • Threat Intelligence Service: Immediately stop traffic from known bad actors on the Internet.
  • Cloud-based volumetric attack protection: Hybrid solution escalates volumetric attacks to Verisign's high capacity network.

Download the Thunder TPS data sheet to read additional information about this next-generation DDoS Protection system.

The A10 Thunder TPS product line offers a variety of solutions that solve the DDoS attack challenges and problems faced by today’s service providers and large enterprises.

Thunder TPS protects network infrastructure and allows existing security solutions to scale against unexpected, large-scale DDoS attacks, providing network operators detailed network insight and peace of mind.

Download the solution brief to learn more how the Thunder TSP provides Next-generation Threat Protection for Highly Available Services.

Thunder TPS line of Threat Protection Systems helps to analyze traffic with ultra-low latency and provides comprehensive tools that minimize outages. This highly scalable, highly configurable DDoS mitigation solution for data center operators also helps maintain the integrity of their facility by fending off attacks that can lead to collateral damage.

Download the solution brief to learn more how the Thunder TSP provides High-performance and Versatile DDoS Mitigation for Colocation and Data Center Providers.

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