Newsletter - October 2017


Month in Review

October was a fantastic and exciting month for Marcum Technology.  We have added new members to our team, new partners, and new clients.  This summer we announced that we expanded our services offering to include Cyber SecuritySoftware DevelopmentDigital MarketingStaffing, and Telecom services.  Each month we'll showcase one of these services and provide you more details of the service and how it can help your business.  

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We look forward to sharing additional advancements in the coming year.

Breakfast with Presentation on Cyber Security and NY DFS Rule 23 NYCRR 500

Join us for breakfast with an informative presentation on Cyber Security and New York State Department of Finance Rule 23 NYCRR 500

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Friday, November 3rd
8:30 am - 9:30 am

Marcum Technology
750 Third Avenue
11th Floor
New York, NY 10017

With a special guest speaker, Christopher Mellen

So join us and meet some of your peers and Marcum Technology Staff.  This is the first event in the Ask Marcum Event Series.  Each month we'll host an event on a new industry topic with a special guest speaker.  

Christopher Mellen

Christopher Mellen is a director in the IT Risk and Assurance Services practice of the Firm's Boston, Massachusetts, office. He is a former U.S. marine and White House cyber executive with top secret security clearance, having more than 20 years of public and private sector information technology experience. See Mr. Mellen's full bio.

With Cyber Security taking center stage, with news from Equifax, HBO, and other exploits, it's an excellent opportunity to hear from an industry expert about Cyber Security and New York State Department of Financial Services' new regulation (23 NYCRR 500) relating to Cyber Security.

So join us for Breakfast with an Informative Discussion on Cyber Security and New York State Department of Finance Rule 23 NYCRR 500

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The "Ask Marcum" Event Series

Exciting and informative series of events

Each month Marcum Technology holds a topic-driven event at our Melville or New York City locations.  We choose a relevant industry topic with an informative guest speaker and serve breakfast to all.  These events allow you to connect with your peers and Marcum Technology Staff.

Each event will have a new industry topic that is not only informative but relevant to your line of business.  We will try to have topics specific to a given industry or technology area.

We will provide speakers for each event that are experts on the topic.  These experts will give a detailed synopsis on the topic, plus recommendations, and answer questions from the audience. 

This is a great opportunity to connect with new peers.  All attendees at the event will hold a role or be in a line of business related to the event topic.

Enjoy breakfast on us.  Start your day with an informative discussion on a pertinent industry topic, with breakfast on us. 


Services Spotlight

Software Development Services

Assessments for software, process, and resources

From legacy to custom enterprise applications

Enterprise and consumer native mobile applications

Enterprise and consumer web applications

Custom device or software solutions

Custom API engineering or integration into 3rd party API’s

Introspective and Analytical views from big data

Full suite of CTO services on a cost effective contract basis

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Vendor Spotlight

Barracuda - Making the Cloud Safe for Business

Migrating your email to the cloud gives your organization the convenience of easy access to email and documents with reduced management overhead. However, trusting your most important data to the cloud raises new concerns about security, compliance and data protection.

  • How do you protect against all of the threats associated with web-based business email?
  • How do you demonstrate compliance and retention if all emails are stored in the same production environment?
  • And, how do you protect against human-caused data loss?

Team Member Spotlight

Marcum Technology is proud to announce four new additions to the team. 
Joining the Marcum Technology team are:

Michael Clark
VP, Major Accounts

Bob Arena
Project Manager

Jason Foronjy
Senior Engineer

Lauren Nicolini
Client Manager

Marcum Technology