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Month in Review

November was a fantastic and exciting month for Marcum Technology.  We have added new members to our team, new partners, and new clients.  This summer we announced that we expanded our services offering to include Cyber SecuritySoftware DevelopmentDigital MarketingStaffing, and Telecom services.  Each month we'll showcase one of these services and provide you more details of the service and how it can help your business.  

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We look forward to sharing additional advancements in the coming year.

"Ask Marcum" DFS Rule 23 NYCRR 500 EVENT RECAP

We had an informative discussion on Cyber Security and NY DFS Rule 23 NYCRR 500.  The guest speaker, Christopher Mellen, is a director in the IT Risk and Assurance Services practice of the Firm's Boston, Massachusetts, office. He is a former U.S. marine and White House cyber executive with top secret security clearance, having more than 20 years of public and private sector information technology experience. 

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Christopher presented an in-depth look at DFS Rule 23 NYCRR 500 and how it applies to your business.  He explained how to comply with and many of the lesser-known aspects of this regulation.

Does DFS Rule 23 NYCRR 500 apply to your business?

Do you currently have a Cyber Security program in place?

Can you benefit from a CISO-as-a-Service?

Marcum Technology has extensive expertise in Cyber Security and DFS Rule 23 NYCRR 500. We can help implement or enhance a Cyber Security program through a custom tailored plan for your business.

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The "Ask Marcum" Event Series

Exciting and informative series of events

Each month Marcum Technology holds a topic-driven event at our Melville or New York City locations.  We choose a relevant industry topic with an informative guest speaker and serve breakfast to all.  These events allow you to connect with your peers and Marcum Technology Staff.

Each event will have a new industry topic that is not only informative but relevant to your line of business.  We will try to have topics specific to a given industry or technology area.

We will provide speakers for each event that are experts on the topic.  These experts will give a detailed synopsis on the topic, plus recommendations, and answer questions from the audience. 

This is a great opportunity to connect with new peers.  All attendees at the event will hold a role or be in a line of business related to the event topic.

Enjoy breakfast on us.  Start your day with an informative discussion on a pertinent industry topic, with breakfast on us. 

Services Spotlight

Staffing Services

Resources with a variety of IT skills and certifications

Architects and engineers with a broad range of competencies

Security and Cyber Security experts to accommodate your needs

Leaders and executives to oversee and manage your IT & Technology

For those immediate and task specifics needs

For longer term projects or staff augmentation  

Highly skilled resources custom fit for your exact requirements

Complete technology teams for short and long terms needs

Vendor Spotlight


Dynatrace - Digital Performance & Application Performance Monitoring

All-in-one performance monitoring

Use a single platform to analyze application performance throughout your application’s full stack, down to each individual transaction across all layers and technologies.

  • Full stack monitoring provides full insights into customer experience, application performance management, and infrastructure monitoring—including servers, containers, and cloud—end-to-end with no blind spots.
  • Get the deepest, most accurate, granular tracing of every single transaction.
  • Our research and development team of more than 600 experts ensures the broadest and deepest coverage of technologies in the industry.

Smarter monitoring at scale

The real-time dependency discovery and self-learning capabilities of Dynatrace were built to automate IT operations in highly dynamic application environments.

  • Pre-configured and automatically adjusted dashboards ensure ease of use. Installation requires no manual configuration at all.
  • Artificial intelligence continuously auto-detects dependencies, learns application behavior, detects anomalies, and proactively pinpoints the root causes of issues.
  • Dynatrace was designed for the world’s largest environments and scales up to 100,000+ hosts.

Big data analytics

Artificial intelligence delivers answers—not just data—providing actionable insights to your business stakeholders, operations staff, and development teams.

  • Dynatrace ties business outcomes to performance insights so you fully understand the implications of detected problems.
  • Analyze user behavior to maintain focus on customer experience.
  • Because Dynatrace understands all the components and dependencies of your applications, it can detect and resolve problems before they impact your customers.

Open ecosystem

Dynatrace—available as SaaS, Managed, or on premises—seamlessly integrates into your IT landscape, natively, with open APIs.

  • Start monitoring in under five minutes with a SaaS, Managed, or on-premises solution.
  • Integrate Dynatrace seamlessly, leveraging APIs and platform extensions.
  • Automate IT by incorporating Dynatrace into your delivery pipeline, production environment, and orchestration layer.

Team Member Spotlight

Marcum Technology is proud to announce new additions to the team. 
Joining the Marcum Technology team are:

NOC Engineer

  • Randy Whittaker
  • Keith Dowdell

Client Manager

  • Peggy Marsanico

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