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Cisco iWAN exists to solve two problems - inefficient use of all available network bandwidth and high total cost of ownership of the WAN linking multiple company locations together.

Why Utilize Cisco iWAN

Problem 1: Inefficient Use of Bandwidth

Typical traditional company WANs are structured in a way that one network connection will serve as a primary and 1 or more additional circuits act as a backup. This leads to inefficient use of available network bandwidth. Efforts to resolve this are usually at the cost of hundreds of engineering man hours, design sessions, troubleshooting sessions and consistent updates to keep up with changes in the IT environment.

Cisco iWAN removes the unnecessary complexities by automating the decision of when and where traffic will flow. By combining and automating multiple network protocols, iWAN will monitor the health of each circuit and automatically make best path route changes to each network in your environment. Cisco iWAN will place each of your network's traffic flows into business relevant, and business irrelevant queues. This process allows important traffic to have dedicated bandwidth, best path routing and prioritized delivery.

Problem 2: High TCO of WAN Links

Corporate locations are typically connected to each other via a MPLS circuit, or multiple MPLS circuits. MPLS is more expensive than commodity internet access, due to carrier SLAs, its ability to carry QoS across to other locations, and being a private network.

Cisco iWAN helps lower the Total Cost of Ownership by allowing a company to leverage more commodity internet circuits for the internal network instead of one or more expensive MPLS circuits. iWAN will automatically monitor each circuits packet loss, jitter, and latency. Once it is determined to be out of compliance, iWAN will automatically remove that circuit from routing or only pass low priority business irrelevant traffic through it depending on how degraded the circuit is. Cisco iWAN transports all traffic through encrypted payloads to keep your data secure regardless of which circuit is used for transport.

Additional Benefits

Automated Deployment

For large scale WAN deployments, iWAN has the ability to be automatically deployed once the hardware is powered on at the location. By leveraging Cisco APIC-EM software, each iWAN router can make a connection back to the Hub router, download it's config and be ready to join the WAN network.


iWAN uses secure overlays at its base to ensure private transmission of data, keeping your WAN traffic secure from outsiders at all times.


Cisco has partnered with vendors such as LiveAction to provide a Network Monitoring System – complete with an incredible visual dashboard and at a glance health reports of the overall WAN network, with the ability to drilldown to individual flows. LiveAction will monitor QoS, Traffic Flows, IP SLA, and Routing. LiveAction leverages Flexible Netflow, SNMP, and IP SLA to provide a complete picture of the WAN network.

Vendor Partner Spotlight

Marcum Technology is excited to present Zerto as one of our newest partners.

Zerto is a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery software that is built for virtualized workloads, making them 100% storage and hypervisor agnostic.

Their solution enables businesses to replicate to a second data center, the cloud or both with their one-to-many replication capabilities - with no snapshots or agents. Zerto's award winning solution provides enterprises with continuous data replication & recovery designed specifically for virtualized infrastructure and the cloud.

Zerto Virtual Replication is the industry's first hypervisor-based replication solution for tier-one applications, replacing traditional array-based BC/DR solutions that were not built to deal with the virtual paradigm. Zerto's replication is considered "near-sync" as they replicate continuously at the block level delivering RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes, meeting the needs of enterprise-class applications.

To find out more about Zerto, please visit their website at

Service Spotlight

NetApp 7-Mode to Cluster Mode Migration

Out with the old and in with the new.

If your organization is still stuck in 7-Mode, you will need to move to a new technology platform or operating system and you may want to consider upgrading to NetApp CDOT. With the upgrade of NetApp 7-Mode to Cluster Mode, it's vital that your company plans ahead by migrating to NetApp CDOT sooner rather than later. For the remaining time, NetApp 7-Mode will no longer contain new features or support new hardware, making it very important that your company migrates your data to Cluster Mode.

Marcum Technology can provide the necessary tools and resources to fit your specific needs to automate your NAS and SAN data. There are many benefits to upgrading from Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode to clustered Data ONTAP. It's found to be more automated and comprehensive, efficient, easy to use, cost-effective, encryption at rest, cloud ready and minimally disruptive.

Our professional IT staff is fully trained and experienced in carrying out cluster mode migrations using the 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT), a replication-based tool that assists with the transition. This tool provides a comprehensive precheck list to minimize risk and simplify the steps needed for the transition.

The phases of the 7MTT migration workflow include:

Preparation > Data Copy > Test Cutover > Storage Cutover

Though this transition can be a complex, time-consuming process, migrating to Cluster Mode can be beneficial to your business with the help of Marcum Technology. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this service.

Click here to learn more about how to move from 7-Mode to Clustered Data ONTAP.

Charitable Giving

Giving Back to Our Community

The Marcum Foundation is comprised of every Marcum company held under Marcum LLP, including Marcum Technology. As a whole, we frequently seek opportunities to give back to the community whenever and wherever we are able to.

Our employees participated in #WearJeansForCharity and raised approximately $2,000 in support of the Epilepsy Foundation of Metropolitan New York. EFMNY provides a wide variety of services and support to persons with epilepsy, their families and the community. To find out more about EFMNY, please visit their website at