Marcum Technology Announces Its New Converged Technology Service

Marcum Technology is proud to announce it is now able to offer cloud and carrier services with its new Converged Technology group. The Converged Technology group will be responsible for designing, procuring and implementing the ideal topology as it relates to:

  • Wan
  • Data
  • Voice 
  • Colo
  • Carrier Cloud Solutions

Marcum's Converged Technology department will be able to offer a carrier and cloud neutral approach which will not only help optimize a client’s infrastructure to meet the ongoing demands of application delivery but also significantly reduce costs. 

“With this group, we will now be able to offer our potential prospects and clients other alternatives when it comes to carrier and cloud providers” explains Ted Carlson, President of Marcum Technology. “We have been able to save our current clients over five million dollars in the past few months and that will continue to grow as more clients become aware.” 

By utilizing this new service, companies will have access to Marcum Technology’s international carrier and cloud portfolio of over 300 suppliers. The team at Marcum Technology will also be able to guide an organization to choose the right supplier that best fits their specific needs. 

Alexis Pomierski, Director of Converged Technology, is spearheading the converged department which encompasses all connectivity telecommunications optimization strategies for our clients.  “By acting as an expert neutral guide in the telecommunication and cloud space, this new service will enable Marcum to further execute on their clients business drivers from endpoint through transport” explains Pomierski.   Marcum recruited Pomierski due to her proven track record within a multitude of industry verticals inclusive of complex holding companies, professional engineering firms and companies bound by regulatory governance. 

The Converged Technology team will work with the leading suppliers to create a strategy that is customized to the client’s specific needs.  This strategy will help the organization grow and also significantly cut costs. Included with this service is 24/7 circuit/link monitoring as well as Colo and cloud migrations. 

Currently, Marcum Technology offers a variety of the best of breed solutions in the technology industry, so it was important to further extend its services to one of the most crucial elements businesses depend on, communication.