The 5 Challenges of Digital Marketing Transformation

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“Digital transformation” has become a popular buzzword – senior executives and experts are all talking about it.

Some enterprises are already leveraging the benefits of digital transformation, while others struggle with incorporating the necessary changes into their business processes.

Digital marketing transformation is a very broad term: there’s no single definition of it, and expert opinion on it is highly divergent.

Ivan Menezes, CEO at Diageo, says, “it’s not about doing ‘digital marketing’, it’s about marketing effectively in a digital world.”

Brian Solis, a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, defines digital marketing transformation as “the realignment of, or new investment in, technology, business models, and processes, to drive new value for customers and employees, and more effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy.”

In today’s world, it is essential for enterprises to stay current as their competitors carry out digital transformation and increase their revenue and market share.

Tim Howell, a digital marketing strategist, says, “the majority of marketers understand the need to evolve their businesses, they recognize the urgency in changing how they do business, and they know that their competitors are having the same conversation.”

Digital marketing transformation is exactly what enables enterprises not to stay competitive. 27% of senior executives believe that digital transformation is a matter of survival.

At the same time, 33% of enterprises see digital transformation as a real challenge.

Why is digital marketing transformation considered so complex? When carrying out digital improvements, CMOs may encounter various challenges. In this article we will discuss them and ways to overcome them.

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by Hassan Bawab