Please help support the Ejaz family

Unfortunately, I would like to share that wife of Tariq Ejaz and dear friend, has now passed away. This campaign was started a few weeks ago to facilitate the difficulties she had with her aggressive and severe illness, however just a few minutes before 2018 she succumbed, and Allah relieved her of her suffering. May Allah forgive her, elevate her status in his eyes in the hereafter. May Allah continue to have her benefit from the sadaqa jaariya (good continuous charity) she has left behind. We all feel the extreme pain but at the same time make sincere dua (prayer) for her husband, kids (15, 13, 7), parents, siblings, in-laws and many other family members as well as friends she left behind.

The more time passes, the more the world realizes that in her short time on this earth she seems to have positively affected and influenced her friends, family and all of humanity more than most could ever imagine.

Please continue to spread the below link, as there are still many financial hurdles to come shortly.!/

Thank you for all of your contributions, duas (prayers) and efforts so far.

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