WiFi Solutions From Lakefront Marinas to Vast Yacht Ports


Today's boat and yacht owners expect better WiFi

Boat and Yacht owners and their guests expect to connect to your Marinas WiFi no matter where they are on their vessel, including below the water line. When connected to your Marina WiFi they expect to be able to do everything that they can do while online at home or in their office.


We have the #1 solution for both free and paid marina WiFi

Movie, music, and large download applications require bandwidth speeds capable of supporting those tasks. Depending on the size of your marina requires greater bandwidth which becomes expensive for you. Our gateway can provide both free and paid choices creating an additional revenue stream.


From lakefront marinas to vast yacht ports

Not every marina owner has an endless budget to provide WiFi to their boat and yacht owners and guests. We work with all budgets to provide a WiFi solution that meets both budget concerns as well as technology requirements.


Designing a WiFi network to support today's handheld and wearable WiFi-enabled devices requires experience

We have been designing and delivering professional WiFi solutions to marinas throughout the USA as well as the Caribbean.



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