Software Licensing

IT departments are under constant pressure to reduce costs, and re-examining your software licensing structures can lead to greater savings, more efficiency and remain in compliance. 

Choosing the right licensing plan, however, can be a challenge for many businesses because of the variables and complexities involved. At Marcum Technology, we can help you understand and navigate your software licensing alternatives to reduce costs and increase your software’s functionality and performance. 

Our software licensing specialists work with the industry’s leading software vendors--Adobe, Computer Associates, Microsoft, Symantec, VMware and many others—to find your business the best combination of price and performance. We’ll help you devise a software plan that identifies hidden costs, accounts for multiple devices, factors in future needs and formulates the best licensing deal for your business.

Marcum Technology makes owning software simpler and more affordable for your business:

  • Reduce cost overruns from unused software licenses
  • Realize savings from home-use licensing
  • Stabilize software costs through fixed per-monthly fees
  • Weigh the cost benefits of subscription-based licensing
  • Implement software effectively across devices, including data synchronization
  • Set up training and support programs