Hardware/Software Virtualization

As companies grow, their IT infrastructure grows with them: additional servers, more storage, new applications, etc. 

This incremental approach to IT growth can soon grow out of hand as applications and servers begin to take up more space and more time to manage, but deliver less cost and performance benefit over time.

The average physical server in an IT environment, for example, typically operates at less than 20% its CPU capacity. In other words, 80% of your servers are effectively doing nothing for your business.

Desktop and server virtualization can help companies get more value and better performance from their hardware investments. Virtualization separates the hardware and software layers of the IT infrastructure, creating a scalable and flexible platform that can dramatically increase performance, simplify IT management and reduce costs by as much as 50% through:

  • Increasing server CPU utilization from 15% to 80%;
  • Requiring 10X less hardware;
  • Launching new applications in 50% to 70% less time;
  • Centralizing application and desktop management;
  • Saving up to $3,000 per year for each server workload that is virtualized.

Marcum Technology can help you virtualize your IT infrastructure today. We're trained and certified on the industry's leading virtualization platforms including VMware, Microsoft, Net App, EMC and we have a proven methodology for virtualization migration that is tested and proven to work across multiple technology platforms. Whether you need to virtualize a few servers or a few hundred, Marcum will make the process virtually painless and help you realize ROI faster.

Look to Marcum Technology to help you:

  • Assess your virtualization needs to align hardware and software virtualization with your business goals 
  • Migrate legacy applications onto a virtualized environment for faster performance
  • Consolidate hardware to reduce cape and opex costs including power and cooling
  • Virtualize your desktop environment across multiple and mobile devices for higher employee productivity
  • Monitor and maintain your virtualized environment through our remote managed services
  • Provide disaster recovery for virtualized workloads across multiple sites