Managed Services

At companies of all sizes, IT departments are being asked to do more with less: more network traffic, more data, more need for mobility and security, with fewer resources to handle it all. 

Marcum Technology can help you get more done without adding more IT staff through our managed services offerings. Marcum Managed Services provide world-class technical support for a fixed monthly fee that ensures predictability in your IT environment and your bottom line. 

In today’s business environment, the role of the CIO is evolving, from operational manager to innovation leader and revenue driver. With Marcum Managed Services, IT departments can focus on more strategic and important projects that drive business growth, while entrusting the essential but mundane IT tasks to Marcum’s remote services team. Our proven service delivery platform ensures that your IT environment operates smoothly and efficiently, providing help desk support, network monitoring and security, data protection and other services to your business with committed levels of assurance, reliability and high availability. 

Marcum Managed Services offer a flexible, secure, scalable solution that improves network performance, delivers better security across your business, enables broader business collaboration and solves day-to-day IT issues that can impact business performance. More importantly, Marcum frees your IT department to contribute in more meaningful ways to the growth and success of your business while adding much-needed stability into your business’ IT operations.

Why simply manage to get by, when you can manage for more success with Marcum Managed Services:

  • A robust, proven service delivery platform that you can trust
  • Complete control when you need it, complete confidence all of the time, with weekly reports and real-time alerts 
  • High performance and reliability backed by service level agreements
  • Flexible, scalable services provide as little, or as much, help as you need
  • Trained technicians with high-level certificationsacross the industry’s leading solutions and products
  • A secure computing environment that ensures critical business data and systems are always protected
  • 24/7 monitoring and support for fewer disruptions and faster bug fixes
  • Upgrade hardware and software without disrupting network performance or putting critical projects on hold.