Executive Team

Our Culture is genuine and our success has been built on a thorough understanding of client needs, our commitment to delivering value and exceptional service. 

Values are the bedrock of our organization. They are the compass that guides our actions and decisions. Whether it's interacting with each other, with our clients or with our partners, we strive to walk the talk every day.

Undivided by boundaries, we foster collaboration and teamwork to spark innovation and deliver results. We have the courage to adapt and evolve our model to take advantage of new opportunities in a dynamic industry.

Ted Carlson

Gary Doria
Executive Vice President of Sales

Joe Giella
Vice President Data Protection Strategy

Mike Lappin
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Victoria Van Syckle
Vice President of Finance & Operations

Kenneth Kane
Senior Vice President, Technology & Professional Services

Charles Jayson

Charles Jayson
Chief Mergers & Acquisitions Officer